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What you should know about DA Form 3355

  1. Maximum Points: 340 for SGT and 255 for SSG
  2. Total Awards/Decorations Points Earned
  3. Promotion Board Recommendation: Select Yes or No

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How to prepare DA Form 3355

Step One
Open the Da 3355 within the editor to see the content of the template. It is possible to proceed and download a blank form or fill in and deliver it on the internet in some mouse clicks.
Step 2
Multiple modifying tools may be used to modify the structure and content of the blank. To accomplish the sample, you will have to go through every fillable area.
Step 3
Sign the document if required and click DONE. All alterations will probably be stored, and the form will be ready for sending. Choose the handiest option for sending the doc.

About Da 3355

DA 3355 is a form that is used by the United States Army for providing personnel information. It is also known as the Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW) and is used by soldiers to track their progress towards promotion and career development. Any enlisted soldier (from Private to Sergeant first class) who is in the Active Army, the Army Reserve, or the Army National Guard needs a DA 3355. Soldiers who are eligible for promotion or position changes need to fill out and submit the form for review by their Chain of Command. The form includes information about the soldier's military education, awards, decorations, training, and other relevant qualifications. The completed form is used to calculate the soldier's promotion points, which are then used to determine their eligibility for promotion.

People also ask about DA Form 3355

What is the purpose of DA Form 3355?
The principal purpose of DA Form 3355 is for use to determine promotion eligibility in the United States Army Reserve.
What are some key sections of DA Form 3355?
Some key sections include Recommendation Military Training, Administrative Points, and Total Point Computation.
Is filling out DA Form 3355 mandatory?
While disclosure is voluntary, failure to furnish information may result in denial of promotion.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing DA Form 3355

Instructions and Help about DA Form 3355

Hey guys sergeant Akuma back again we're still talking about the junior enter your promotion packet for the Army Reserve the previous video we talked about number one which is the promotion packet competition election sheet this time we're gonna talk about number two which is DD form 33:55 pretty much a promotion point or this is what it looks like as you notices States Army Reserve so it's just a form used by the Reserve and let's get into it you start by filling out your name your date of birth today's day of the day you filling out the form your organization keep in mind recommended grade is going to be the next higher grade so if you're especially if you're getting recommended for sergeant so your mix the green hue right there's gonna be five type is going to be initial if this is your first packet before the board of that grade so I'm a sergeant if I'm putting in a pot a packet it's going to be for an initial part packet for a staff sergeant position if for whatever reason you've submitted a packet before but you've improved significantly up to twenty promotion points or more then you could have a totally evil let's say the first time you submit a your packet you got a 180 and your PT test but this time you got a 270 that's a big jump let's say you shot a 23 the previous weapon squad are you have a 32 that's also a big jump anyway so you put your recommended grade you recommended MOS now let's move on to section a section a is your military training which includes your AP of T and your weapons qual you put the date for your AP of T...